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“Indie rock never sounded so good."

Fresh from developing a strong live show and presence off the back of high profile support slots with artists including Catfish and The Bottlemen, Hippo Campus and Ocean Alley, as well as selling out shows of their own on the east coast, The VANNS have now released their highly anticipated debut album, Through The Walls. 

This album sees the bands embrace their indie rock sound on record, abundant with guitars, powerful melodies, and inviting arrangements. The VANNS have garnered a lot of attention and acclaim through triple j and have acquired over half a million streams and counting.

The VANNS single ‘Deranged’ is an ode to experiences lived in all their colours, the dark and the light. “The song came about whilst I was staying over in London and I had up until the first chorus written with a rough melody. Once I brought the song home it took a whole new direction of meaning.”

They are currently on tour throughout Australia promoting Through the Walls, so be sure to check them out this month

Five things we didn’t know about The VANNS.

1.  Our drummer Bano is a vegan.

2. Cam (guitar, vocals) is a borderline carnivore.

3. When flying into somewhere for a gig, our hire car of choice is a Kia Carnival.

4. Our album was recorded in a few different studios in Melbourne.

5. None of us are ‘Flat Earthers’


Five songs/artists that inspired your album Through The Walls.

I (Cam) can’t speak for the rest of the band, and I’m not exactly sure where inspiration comes from, but here’s some of the music I was listening to whilst making the album:Abel 1. The National

2. Brown Eyed Women – Grateful Dead

3. Lady Writer – Dire Straits

4. Motion Sickness – Phoebe Bridgers

5. Paul – Big Thief

Five tips for aspiring musicians.

  1. If you’re doing it in those hopes of making lots of money, you’re in the wrong job.
  2. There’s no substitute for getting in front of an audience and playing your songs.
  3. You can create your own career the way you envision it, especially in this day and age.
  4. Practise as much as you can.
  5. Never stop writing songs.

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