The importance of letting go

Holding on is believing there’s only a past; letting go is knowing there’s a future.

~ Daphne Rose Kingma ~

As belief is the acceptance that something is true our beliefs have a major impact on our lives. But what if our beliefs are based on wrong ideas, or wrong thinking? What if they are just not true?

Do you feel that you are stuck in the past? Are you defined by your past? Do you think you can’t change?

These are your non-constructive beliefs and they are not real. Just ask Bethany Hamilton, Jay-Z, Charlize Theron, Cornel Hrisca-Munn, Luca Patuelli and Marla Runyan.

So, if you are consumed with your childhood, your past, specific memories, beliefs about yourself, read on and challenge your thinking. Why people are attached to not letting go. There are various reasons but usually it’s because the focus of these beliefs are the hurt and pain caused at the time these beliefs became part of our lives. They are a mistaken way our minds try to protect us from further hurt and pain. It is like a huge wall is in our way, one we can’t climb over or find a way around, and this wall is made up of emotions and feelings that can prevent us from moving on.

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