Sophisticated Dingo

Hashtag Oz was able to catch up with Sophisticated Dingo.

Thanks for your time and joining us on Hashtag Oz.

Tell us the story behind the two-piece name. How did you come up with it?

A text from a mate which read, “That sounds pretty cooked” woke me up. I didn’t remember what I had sent him so I reread it and, low and behold, I had asked him ‘How good do you reckon “Sophisticated Dingo” sounds?’

How did you two get together as musicians? How long have you been playing together?

Jimmy and I met when we were in high school. We became mates when we were 12/13. We fell into the same band at 16/17. Later on around 19/20 we both had an urge to play some trashy pop music and started sending each other ideas we’d come up with. We were desperate to play gigs and that pushed us to get this project together. We’ve been playing shows since 2016.

How did you each get involved in music? Was it always the dream to be involved in music? Or did you have other dreams?

I loved the idea of being in a band since I was little. I remember mapping out a song and what the video clip would be for it when I was nine. I hadn’t even started learning guitar at that stage. Jimmy was always involved with the performing arts from a young age, too. I think we both just love taking any opportunity we are given to jump on stage.

I think we both just love taking any opportunity we are given to jump on stage.

Were your parents and friends supportive your dreams? If yes, how did they support you? If not, how did you rely on each other and your dream?

Yeah, they love it. They come to gigs all the time and have a good time. I love it when they offer criticism, too. I think it helps me improve when someone close to me lets me know it wasn’t cooking for whatever reason

Were there any challenges and how did you overcome them?

Not really. We’re pretty lucky, we’re just mates that enjoy the same music, like to write together, and then play it live.