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You’ve decided you want to sell your artwork through Hashtag Oz. A very exciting decision!

Please note the following:

In consenting to this agreement, you agree to the following:

  • Include your CV (this is your artist resume), your artwork list (title of your collection, medium [the type of paper it’s printed on], your piece dimensions, edition sizes and pricing for each), your contact information, links to your work (website for example and only if you have one. If you do not, that’s ok).

Please note -Your artist resume is essentially Artist the same as any other resume. You’ve got your contact information, your website, a short bio and description of your work. Then start adding on anything that is relevant, like art/photo-related education and awards, publications you’ve been featured in, teaching experience, recent exhibitions followed by recent solo exhibitions. Do a quick search for “artist resume” and you’ll see plenty of examples of the layout.

  • 5 % commission to Hashtag Oz of the sale price
  • Postage and handling price is NOT included in your sales price and will be adapted to the sales destination as per Australia Post. You are responsible to ensure that the buyer is in receipt of the sales item
  • Upon proof of Australia Post receipt that Art item has been posted, your Bank account will be debited as per agreement

Please complete the following information.


  • Artwork Details

    Artwork 1

  • Artwork 2

  • Artwork 3




Any photographs taken by our photographer will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the above-mentioned purposes and will be stored and disposed of securely.

Whilst every effort will be made to protect the identity of your student, Hashtag Oz cannot guarantee that the student will not be able to be identified from the photograph or work submitted by the student.

If you agree to permit Hashtag Oz to publish as itemized above, please complete the consent form and scan/upload requisite work.

This consent form, if signed, will remain effective until you advise Hashtag Oz otherwise.

More questions? Send us a note!

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