Rusty Brown, front man for Electric Mary, a Rock/blues Australian band, made up of Rusty [vocals], Pete Robinson [guitar and vocals], Alex Raunjak [bass guitar], Brett Wood [guitar and vocals] and Paul “Spyder” Marrett [drums] is an Australian band that shot to attention with their debut single ‘Sail On’ which reached number 76 on the ARIA Singles.They were also finalists in 2008 at the MusicOz Awards and were nominated for Best Rock Band. They’ve supported Whitesnake, Judas Priest and Deep Purple. They’ve toured with both Alice Cooper and Glenn Hughes

in 2009, and in 2011 Electric Maryperformed at the World Cup in South Africa and then embarked on a tour of Europe.


‘Hearing Rusty in action, you cannot help but be in awe of his voice.’ Rusty can sure belt out a song while sustaining a controlled phonation that must be heard to be believed and in the band’s fourth album,Mother, his voice is at its ‘fine wine’ best.

Rusty Brown has the masterful gift of being able to take anemotion, or thought, and touching the human soul with his perception of it, life and relationships. In Electric Mary’s latest album, Mother, this is richly evident as the songs take you on a journey from the first single, ‘Woman’, straight up hard rock to the blues heart-felt ballad and brilliant lyric-writing skills of Rusty with ‘Sorry Baby’, to ‘It’s Alright’, a song about depression and anxiety 

inspired by the suicide of a fellow band member from his youth. ‘It’s Alright’, is not depressing, though. It’s a positive message that none of us are alone. The contrasts of light and shade are evident, giving the album a solid depth born from living and experiencing life in all its colours.

Rusty, born Russell Brown, was influenced musically by his older brother. The nine-year age gap between them found Rusty influenced by the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles. He started his first band as a 14-year old in high school, joined the Australian band, Spaniards (they appeared onCountdown), travelled around Australia and signed up with EMI. These were the days when Cold Chisel, Dragon, Australian Crawl,Midnight Oil, The Angels, Mondo Rock, AC/DC and Skyhooks reignedin the Australian music scene.

Rusty Brown has the masterful gift of being able to take an emotion, or thought, and touching the human soul with his perception of it, life and relationships.

Fast forward to 2003 and Rusty is in New York with Jack Jones (aka Irwin Thomas), of the Southern Sons playing some gigs. He meets the manager of Electric Lady Studios who invites Rusty and his band to tour the studio In Greenwich Village, New York City. Electric Lady Studios is THE studio of ALL studios: significant to music history and music’s continued evolution. It was built by Jimi Hendrix and designed by John Storyk in 1970 and used by John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Prince, U2, Kanye West, andLady Gaga, to name a few.

‘At the end of the tour the manager gives me her card and says,“Stay in touch.” On her card, I see her name written down asElectric Mary. Everyone in the studio was Electric something, Electric Mike, etc. and I thought that Electric Mary would be a great name for a band.’ 

They ended up staying with Maryand recording some music. Sincethen, the band has had threedrummers and five guitarists. Each member has added their flavour to the band, whether they’ve stayed or moved on, but the DNA of Electric Mary has not changed.

‘I’m not watering it (the bands music) down. It has just been madebetter.’

The better is evident, with successful tours of USA, Spain, England, Japan and France, to the quality of Electric Mary’s albums: Four Hands High (2004), Down to the Bone (2008), III (2011), and Mother(released in February 2019). And, based on this new album, ElectricMary will continue to provide audiences with Australian music of the highest calibre.