Personal Health Strategies

Illness and injuries happen to all of us. What do you need to know to deal with emergencies, heal faster, and stay healthy?


Respiratory Infections: Starve a cold and feed a fever isn’t just about not eating a lot when you’re sick. Please don’t take the starvation part literally, you need nutrients to heal.

A low-grade fever is part of your body’s defense system against viruses and bacteria, and it works. Take a hot bath, cuddle up under the blankets, and stay warm. Don’t take fever reducers like NSAIDs or aspirin if you don’t have to. Drink plenty of fluids and, of course, chicken soup. My personal favourite bug-fighter is
chicken broth with crushed, fresh garlic in it. (It’s great for vampire defense as well!) If your fever starts spiking above 102⁰F (or 38.8⁰C), call your doctor.

If you’re sleeping all the time for more than a
few days, feeling weak and out of breath and/
or have a rattling deep cough and night sweats
go to a doctor. Pneumonia can sneak up on you,
and it does kill.

Give yourself time to get better, and don’t just mask your symptoms with drugs. If you do have to keep working remember to dress well and keep up your intake of warm, healthy fluids. Sleep as much as you can when you get home as it is while you are asleep that your body rebuilds and heals itself.

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