Meet the Team

The people behind Hashtag Oz

Ingrid S.


Ingrid has a Degree in Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting, Coaching Diploma, a certified NLP practitioner, Diploma in Graphology, Certified DISC practitioner and a certificate in Meta Dynamics and Repatterning.

Ingrid is a highly visual business woman who has a passion for bringing young people in communities together. She created Hashtag Oz for young people to have a platform/space to express themselves.

She loves to read, travel, cook, and enjoys good quality restaurant food. Ingrid is a great believer that we define and create our life irrespective of the cards we were dealt.

Martha N.

Editor / Proof Reader

Martha has a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. One thing she really enjoyed about this course was learning to work with various styles of writing such as poetry, short stories, novel writing, various forms of non-fiction writing, corporate writing, and blogging.

Martha also enjoys  editing as it gives her the opportunity to help others express themselves clearly and effectively.

When not armed with a pen (or a keyboard), Martha loves to read, knit, crochet, and play the piano. Unfortunately her cat doesn’t approve of any of these activities.


Tracey E.

Creative Designer / Photographer

Tracey has a background in early child care and kindergartens. She has also worked as a nanny Tracey specializes in kinder, portraiture and Community high school photography.

Her love of Art, graphics and photography began in school when she realized that she could create and accomplish anything she set her mind to.

She has a passion for supporting Community high schools and capturing moments, freezing time which has now developed into a wonderful obsession.

Tracey is a great believer of, ‘when everybody starts zigging, you start zagging’. Owner and Founder of Muddle Puddle Emporium Photography.

Cary A.

Behavioural Coach/coolest nerd

Cary is a Life Coach, outgoing, energetic and understands the importance of taking responsibility for your own life and then creating it. He loves basketball,  plays soccer with a local team, Triple J and currently is massively into Indie rock.

He is also a massive supporter of Beyond Blue and Headspace, as he has family members who have experienced serious depression.

Cheryl L.

Writer / Blogger

Graduated high school after exhausting all possible art and PE options while camping in the library during lunch. I worked my way through high school sorting fruit all summer so I could afford skiing all winter. They hadn’t invented snowboards yet. Yes, I’m that old. I’ve worked in sales and marketing both online and off and am an avid student of human nature and love the comedy of life. I raised two boys who inherited their father’s love of things that go vroom, except the vacuum cleaner. I’m a photographer and blogger as well as a lover of all things outdoors.

Currently living over the river and through the woods in the mountains pf the Pacific Northwest with a gearhead husband and a collection of cats, corgis, and speckled horses. My husband calls me outspoken. He’s a very polite man. Cheryl is the owner of

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