Let’s talk some clothes sense

Like it or not, people judge us by our looks, and we use clothes, make-up and hair styles to advertise who we are or would like to be. Is what your outside is saying a true reflection of who you are inside, or not?

If you’re wearing stained, torn, wrinkled, dirty and/or ill-fitting clothes they are telling people you have no respect for yourself or others, you have low standards, and you are not reliable. Or that you just survived a plane crash on a desert island. While it may seem like a no-brainer to you, there are people who don’t seem to understand that people don’t respect or trust them because they don’t take care of their appearance. I’ve even had people come in for job interviews wearing baggy sweats, stained shirts, and with their hair standing on end like it hasn’t been washed in days … and they seem surprised they didn’t get a call-back.
So I’ve put together some tips to help those who may
not know where to start.

How to Look and Feel Your Best

A super simple place to start is with your posture. The best clothes in the world won’t help poor posture or
defeated body-language, and bad posture can ruin a great outfit.

How you carry yourself not only makes you look confident, it changes your hormones and releases endorphins making you feel more confident as well. Look up ‘power posing’. It’s a thing. Smile, stand up straight, look the world in the eye, and you’ll see it smile back.

Most people will notice your hair first, so a good haircut and the right hair products are a great start. Having a flexible style that is fun on weekends but can be controlled for more business-like situations is perfect.

Learn to apply make-up well and save heavy make-up for nights out. Keep your clothes hung up properly and learn how to wash them correctly (check the care label), they will look better and last longer. Smelly is never attractive.

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