KG, Rapper

Meet KG, a Canberra based Rapper, an inspiring Gen Y who was born in South Africa and raised in Australia.

His father, Seretse Ratlhagane, who fought as a freedom fighter alongside Nelson Mandela, rooted in him a strong sense of justice and social responsibility. Both his parents are well educated and have experienced inhumane treatment, including losing all their belongings. They had to start from scratch when they migrated to Australia in 1988. KG is grateful for this legacy and wants to build on it.

‘I know that there is a real dark, dark kind of life and a death kind of legacy,’ KG says and he has seen this firsthand. KG knows the continuum, or degrees of darkness, from the light variety to the “down the rabbit hole” variety. He is determined to support young people so they can believe that “You are in charge of your own happiness…. and you have to own your peace…and be able to overcome the anger by making your life better and go out and be successful.

And KG walks the talk.

KG is exemplifying that compassion is a verb, an action

Through his work in the Australian community, he has seen the outrage and anger in those who have experienced injustice, discrimination, and trauma, and he has seen how their life experiences have affected their mental health and behavioural choices. At the age of 17, he opened a community based free dance school, where he endeavoured to empower young people to navigate their energies. He called them ‘Beautiful, beautiful loving kids who didn’t know how to direct their energies into something positive.’ This was the first sign of where his life journey was taking him. This experience helped shape his decisions and began the
journey to him being the person he is today.

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