Australia’s most iconic frontman, Kav Temperley of Eskimo Joe, is stepping out on his own with his single ‘Pollyanna’, an apt title – reminiscent of the classic novel written by Eleanor H.Porter whose protagonist was known for her subconscious bias towards an optimistic outlook – while Kav’s ‘Pollyanna’ explores the relativity of happiness and the highs and lows of experiencing life.

‘For me ‘Pollyanna’ was a story of coming out of a really crappy, bad period in my life and having to give myself a pep talk. Eventually I didn’t have to live like that anymore and I came back to a good place again.’ There is a clandestine mantra throughout the album – that when all is said and done, it will be okay. Life has an okay default button and we all land there eventually. ‘Especially if you’ve experienced something where you think you’re dead, where you’ve hit rock bottom and then you kind of look around and think “Actually, I’m not dead and I’ve survived,” and then you try to pick yourself up and you start to climb out of the hole that you’ve been in.’

It was not lost on Kav, short for Kavyen, whose name in Indian means The Poet, that his music ran parallel with his life – as he evolved, so did his music. Kav’s evolution as a singer/songwriter began in high school when he discovered the connection between song writing and performance, – which he said made his brain happy straight away – and the power of music and its effect on those around him emotionally. ‘I started making up on the spot about how beautiful she was and half way through, I started crying and everyone else was crying.’ The strong emotional link between his life and his music shines through when you hear Kav talk about music and how much he loves it. Exploring life themes creatively and therapeutically where the “demon floating around you” becomes “not even about you” but “goes into the world” sending out “a universal message” is a powerful empowering collective theme.

Yet, stepping out as a solo artist, after being with Eskimo Joe since 1997, has been different. ’The thing about being in a band, it’s a double-edged sword. The dynamics are like a marriage…. You  have each other’s back, everyone pulls their weight and things happen really quickly because everyone is doing their job. Everyone carries their load in a band but the amazing thing is that you have creative ideas. I think you need someone to take it to the next place and make it an amazing song.’ Going solo was planned carefully. This meant balancing the timing, creative goals and the desire to move forward, while being determined to own the results professionally. ‘I’m still really good friends with the guys and we have a really good time. For me it was really important to experiment creatively. 

So, I created.” Evolving as a musician has seen Kav explore not only the dark and heartbreaking, but also the honest and authentic. This new chapter as a solo artist will keep Kav busy and on the road during October and November on a massive national tour (details of tour www.hashtagoz.com.au) ‘So, for me to go out there and be on the road, and play these songs is extremely satisfying and I am so happy that I have been able to reach this goal. I’m starting this tour from a simple and authentic place. When you’ve got an acoustic guitar it’s really easy to tell your audience the story in the songs and the stories become as important as the song itself. Hopefully, when people hear the songs it will encourage them to say, “Oh, cool, I heard this story…” and then they tell their story and so it will continue.’