iRock Music School and Jerry Trzeciak

Jerry is the program director at iROCK Music School, which is a private music school located in Cranbourne North, Melbourne, Australia. iROCK Music School provides lessons on guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, keyboard and vocals. The services they offer include private lessons at the studio, online learning via video conferencing software anywhere in the world, innovative school instrumental programs and music education consulting. iROCK Music is developing its own unique curriculum which is evidence and research based, connecting state and national curriculum standards with classroom and instrumental music for the first time,
anywhere. iROCK Music is in the process of launching its new Distant Schools Program and is developing a strong online educational presence using Instagram and Facebook. Jerry even aims to make iROCK Music a record label one day for new talent and plans on producing an annual CD and live online concert showcase of
student work in the future. He is building his team around him and on the lookout for interested parties, supporters, sponsors, coaches, teachers, partners, clients and anyone else passionate about doing a great service for music education all over the world. iROCK Music is on a mission to “Unleash Your Inner Rock Star!”

I was in my first proper band, we were playing in the battle of the bands, touring other school and playing on
the weekends. It wasn’t about theory. It was about playing, and I loved it.

Thank you for your time Jerry. Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get involved in music?

I was born in Melbourne, but Mum and Dad were from Tassie and moved us back there when I was 2 years old. Growing up in Tasmania was great for our family but I always knew I’d return to Melbourne one day. While
we were living in St. Kilda Mum and Dad’s flat got broken into and my Dad’s hi-fi stereo was stolen. He loved music and he was always playing albums from bands and musicians like Fleetwood Mac, Chris Rea and Paul
Simon. Losing that stereo was the beginning of my Dad’s lifelong search for the ultimate music sound. He is not a musician but has a very well-tuned ear. I spent many childhood moments sitting on his lap as he tapped his foot to the beat, watching him and my Mum dance to disco music on a Saturday night, or working closely with him to set up his next piece of state of the art equipment. He trained me to listen for the finest details which has contributed to making me the musician I am today.

Although Mum and my Grandma played the piano a little bit, I was the first person in our family to make music my number one passion in life. In Year 6 I remember my school’s guitar teacher visiting my class and asking if anyone would like to learn. I’d never even considered it until that point. Mum and Dad signed me
up and I started lessons. I would come home and show mum what I’d learnt, and she’d learn from me. The other kids in the group were much better than me and at that point I couldn’t imagine ever being able to play that
cool ‘Smoke on the Water’ riff or ‘Peter Gunn’ theme like they did. Little did I know how wrong I was and how my quick decision to learn the guitar would define my future and what I would do for the rest of my life.

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