How to be objective when you feel like you are emotionally combusting.

Objectivity is a noun that means lack of bias, prejudice, judgment and the removal of subjectivity.

Most people think they are objective and have objectivity. The reality is most people on a day-to-day basis display some level of objectivity. In fact, bias-free, judgement-free and prejudice free is not possible and that is because on a subconscious and unconscious level, we all navigate life with degrees of beliefs we’ve
developed based on our unique life experiences, our childhood and the way we were parented,
and our personal values.

When does our level of objectivity become a problem?

The more emotionally invested we are in a situation, person or outcome, the greater our ability to compromise our level of objectivity. We have to be mindful of managing our biases, judgements and prejudices especially when we think we know all there is to know, and when we think we have all the facts.

When you know you have crossed a line and your subjectivity is ruling the moment, take your power back by disciplining yourself to manage your subjectivity

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Growing up, I incorporated colour into everything I did. From decorating school assignments to painting stage backdrops, I put my hand up for anything remotely creative.

My mother has always encouraged balance in my life: although I was expected to excel in my studies, it has been equally important to keep my soul happy.

During school holidays, my mother would always give me creative projects to do around the house. I have also been a student (and now teacher) at a local dance studio for 21 years. I am inspired by everything around me; how I feel; what I see; what I want to communicate. I love the idea of finding the colours to paint what is left grey in the world.