Here are some common questions about Hashtag Oz.

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Who supports Hashtag Oz?

High Schools, parents, teachers, Principals, and of course teenagers all give us support.

What is the philosophy behind Hashtag Oz?

To promote Australian teen voices so they can showcase and contribute their creative talents. We want them to thrive, realise their potential and contribute to our society.

How can I support the Hashtag Oz magazine and get more involved?

By subscription, talk at school assemblies, incursions, have Hashtag Oz concerts, Fetes and like us on Instagram and Facebook.

How can Advertisers get involved?

Complete the application form for advertising or call us/email us.

How does Hashtag Oz receive its material?

From teenagers all around Australia. They can also sell and promote their artwork/music for free.

How is Hashtag Oz involved in High Schools?

Promoted on their websites and at assemblies/incursions, etc.

How do I get published?

Complete a publicliability form online and get parents/guardians to sign it as well, then upload your work.

How can I get my artwork sold?

Another form is filled out allowing artwork or CD to be sold. Buyer pays Hashtag Oz for purchase (via Paypal), Hashtag Oz takes 5% for commission, and sends postage/handling money to seller. On sale receipt (of item sent through the Post) seller receives remaining commission.

How can I sell my music?

Selling personal music is through Itunes and it will be a similar setup as for selling artwork.

How are Hashtag Oz magazine different to other ebooks/magazines?

This eMagazine caters for 12 to 25 year old Australians of which 95% profit goes back directly to the artist.

How can I contact Hashtag Oz?

Via our 1300 66 87 11 number or email admin@hashtagoz.com.au

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Hashtag Oz magazines mission is to lead by example and embrace creativity and with sensitive constructiveness, inspire individuals and society in a socially and environmentally responsible manner guided by values that benefit the communities on a national and global scale.