Sophisticated Dingo

Hashtag Oz was able to catch up with Sophisticated Dingo. Thanks for your time and joining us on Hashtag Oz. Tell us the story behind the two-piece name. How did you come up with it? A text from a mate which read, “That sounds pretty cooked”...

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Drunk Mums, rockers

Melbourne rockers Drunk Mums have returned, with a rejuvenated take on the leather clad, boisterous brand of punk rock that has left fans frothing at the mouth, with a brand new album Urban Cowboy. This return has been marked by a rollicking new...

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Caravana Sun

Last time we spoke, you were just about to head off on a tour. Now you are back. How did the tour go? What were the highlights? What did you take away from this specific tour that was unlike your other tours? The tour was incredible! I’m currently...

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